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This is a dummy web site used to test drive ParaChat LiveHelp. If you have arrived at this page via a search engine, please go to http://www.parachat.com/livehelp for more information.

If you have downloaded the ParaChat LiveHelp client, you should see yourself appear in the Current Visitors list. If there are multiple visitors on the site, you should be able to identify your session from the DNS Name or Location.

Tip: Try and arrange your Windows so that you can see your web browser window and the ParaChat LiveHelp Client window at the same time.

See Yourself Move From Page To Page
    Move from page to page on our test site. Watch yourself in the Current Visitors list. You will see your current page change.

View Your Visit Details
    Try clicking on the View Visit Detail in the top control ribbon. You should see a new window appear on the right-hand side of the LiveHelp Client. This window will show you current visit details, all visits, prior chats, GEO-IP info, etc., for a specific user session. You may also double-click a user session to view visit details.

Send Yourself A Chat Invite
    Right-click yourself in the Current Visitors list and select Send Invite. Now watch your web browser... after a few moments, a graphic will appear floating across your browser window. This feature works even if pop-ups are disabled (because its not actually a pop-up). Click the graphic to open the Chat window.

Chat With Yourself
    Click the Invite graphic or select the 'Live Help: Available' link at the top of the page. The Chat window will open. Enter a fictitious name and click the Start Chat button. A pop-up message will then appear on your computer screen saying that a visitor wants to chat. Click this pop-up. You will now be able to chat with yourself. This enables you to experience the ParaChat LiveHelp chat from both the visitor and operator perspectives. Try sending yourself a link (i.e. http://www.parachat.com).

Change Your Status
    Click the Busy, Be Right Back, or Away button in your ParaChat LiveHelp client. Now change or refresh your page. Notice the Live Help: Available link at the top of the page has changed to Leave A Message (if your agent session is the only current agent session).

    Important: Change your status back to On Line if you want to receive chat requests and send Invites.
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